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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  August 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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autism and more. these were new. i became impatient with pills and sending people back to the very things that are making us sick to start with. i'm everything from pollution to poverty to industrial and nutrition and violence. i thought it only our elected officials knew of the amazing i thought it only our elected officials knew of the amazing solutions that save lives and 10 money and create jobs while saving the environment. surely they would do something. like supporting local farms and clean energy instead of pouring our tax dollars into a toxic poison as of fossil fuels.
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[applause] i slowly realized that if you want to persuade electric officials, forget all that cost saving job-creating stuff. that is not really count. what you need are giant bundles of big campaign checks. that was my wake-up call. if we want to protect children's health or anything, at the health care we need are the education or the job, we need to first that the broken political system. that is why i now say that i am practicing political medicine. it is the mother of all illnesses.
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we have to get this one to fix everything else that ails us. i went to work to try to fix that problem. i joined a broad coalition in massachusetts to get big money out of politics. we won. so we thought we did. we passed a referendum to provide public financing for political campaigns. we passed it by a huge margin. our legislature which was about 85% democratic repealed the law as soon as it was passed on an unrecorded voice vote.
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no one could be held accountable for defining and the will of the people. that was my real wake up call. if we want to change the broken political system what we need is not just a new law or lobbying efforts or a fresh face and a corrupt system. we need a new unbought political party that can put people of integrity into office. [applause] we need real public servants to listen to the people, not to the corporate lobbyists that final campaign chests.
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this is what brought me to the only national party that is not bought and paid for by corporate money. [applause] here is why my resolve has only grown stronger. as a mother and a doctor, the concerns that captivated me 30 years ago have only intensified. i see that our young people are still struggling in every aspect of life, settling for good health, decent schools, struggling to stay safe on the street, struggling to afford a college education. shovelling to get a job, to get out of debt.
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struggling to have a climate that they can live in for the future. they are losing the battle on every front. when people ask me why i keep fighting political battles and a bridge system the answer is simple. -- in a rigged system, the answer is simple. when it comes to our system, mothers to not give up. do you know what back neither do fathers -- do you know what? neither do fathers or sisters or brothers or sons and daughters.
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young people haven't given up. they are the ones carrying the burden of this system. if they are not giving up, we are not giving up. we are not only not giving up, we are doubling down and rising up. we are a movement toward democracy and justice that is alive and well across the country. we are eviction blockades or brink of america protests. we are in protests against shoot first, in mass arrests at
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nuclear power plants and civil disobedience to stop mountaintop removal and stop the keystone pipeline. [applause] they all market game over for the climate. we're not good to settle for that. to " alice walker, the biggest way people give up power is by not knowing they have it in the first place. we know we've got it. we are going to use its. one of the ways we're going to use it is by having a voice in this election in a choice at the polls that is not bought and paid for by wall street.
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[cheers and applause] voting for either wall street candidate gives a mandate for four more years of corporate rule. every boat to they recede is be deadly to structure we are on for the american people -- every vote they receive is an endorsement of the shift delhi structure where on a for the american people. every vote we receive is one for the 99% and survival for the planet.
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to achieve that future as president i will work to deliver a new deal for america. [applause] a package of emergency reforms to put it 25 million people back to work and jump-start the green and economy. that will put a halt to climate change and make wars for oil obsolete. the new deal reforms not only our economy but our financial system and our democracy. it is not just an academic idea.
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it is based on a program that works, it a new deal that got us out of the great depression. it is time to bring it back and put to work. these reforms create living wage, community-based jobs. communities decide what jobs they need so that jobs in the grain area of the economy, a clean manufacturing, manufacturing, and claim renewable energy. i want to tell you about a young man whose life was
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transformed by this kind of job. his name is ricardo. and net him in massachusetts touring some of the small businesses that are thriving. he had dropped out of school after being held back three times in the ninth grade. like most kids in poverty, his glasses were too big, underfunded, and too dominated by less than inspiring test prep. he found a program offered by a green energy cooperative called co op power. he was then hired by a small green energy business where he became a true leader. while doing all that, ed the high school drop out entered a
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program and graduated before his own high school class received their diplomas. [applause] at age 20 he has now been leader of his crew for two years. this is a triple win. the community gets cleaner air and the climate gets a little more stable for us all. these jobs will be the rule and not the exception. they're coming to your community. [applause]
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the green new deal not only creates the jobs like ricardo's that make us sustainable, it also creates jobs and meet our social needs. let's hire back those 300,000 teachers who've lost their jobs in this recession. let's hire the nurses we need and the child care and the home care in senior care and rehabilitation and affordable housing construction. these jobs will be nationally funded and democratically controlled. they are community-based small businesses. they are worker owned
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cooperatives. instead of going down to the unemployment office, you can just go down to the employment office and get the job being me. -- get the job you need. to be clear. the green in new deal and unemployment in america -- the green in new deal and unemployment in america. this would never occur to washington politicians. you can imagine why. this depends on the threat of unemployment. and the unemployment is front and center for americans who need jobs.
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it is front and center on the green agenda. we are committed not only to jobs but also to improving social conditions for everyone in america. we will create an immediate moratorium on foreclosures and evictions. we cannot afford to have even one more rhonda thrown out of her home. we're going to put an end to that.
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that is why the green new deal guarantees health care for everyone as a human rights through medicare for all. this not only provides quality comprehensive care for everyone, it will restore your choice of provider of piggybacking control of your own health care decisions and said it you having them made for you by a profit sharing ceo. -- instead of by a profiteering and insurance company ceo. it will save trillions.
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it does not cost us trillions. it saves us trillions by streamlining the and wasteful health insurance bureaucracy and putting an end to run away medical inflation. as part of the green new deal we will forgive the crashing student debt burdens. we will liberate an entire generation of young people who have been turned into indentured servants. we will provide tuition free public education from pre- kindergarten through college. this is an investment and our
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future. it pays off enormously. we know that from the g i bill that provided $7 in increased economic benefits for every dollar that we invested. in order to create an economy that works for people we need not only jobs and secure working conditions, we need a financial system that is free from domination by big banks and well connected financiers who hijacked our economy and our democracy. instead we will create a system that is open, stable answers the real economy, not the phony and economy of high finance.
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we will and the bailout in the corporate giveaways and ensure the resources are available for investment and our community. through these reforms we will break up the big banks that are too big to fail. we are going to restore the glass-steagall separation of banks. we will regulate of financial derivatives and require them to
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be traded on open exchanges. we will mocratize monetary policy to establish public control of the credit creation. we well tax capital gains as income, a tax wall street transactions to stop speculation and put a 90% tax on bonuses for bankers. [applause] in order to secure these reforms we must also an act political reform to give us a real functioning democracy.
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as you know, we do not have that yet. we must end the domination of our election by big money that makes government for the people and possible. for this reason we need to amend our constitution to make clear that corporations are not persons and money is not speech. [applause] those rights belong to breathing human beings like you and me, not to business entities controlled by the very wealthy. the green new deal will also
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undercut the power of lobbyists and billionaires' to control elections. we will do that by enacting a voter bill of rights. in so doing we will guarantee a voter marked paper ballot for all voting and requiring all boats and be counted. we will bring same day boat registration to the nation saw no qualified voter is far from the poll.
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we will replace partisan oversight of the elections with non-partisan election commissions. we will restore the vote of 1.4 million african-american men who are far from voting because they are [inaudible] -- ex-felons. [applause] we will implement election reforms like proportional representation that can truly reflect voter sentiment. we will take money out of politics and replace it with full public financing and free and equal access to the public
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airways. we will guarantee equal access to the ballot for all qualified candidates. [chanting] ["let jill debate"]
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>> they do not know what they're in for. they're going to find out. in summary, the green in new deal is a comprehensive program to pull us back from the brink and move beyond the current state of emergency for our economy and our democracy. there is much more to it. you can go to our website and find out more about it. there is more to be done beyond the universe of the green new deal. that is why i am committed to the emergency actions in other areas as well.
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we need to bring them home. it is the illegal and immoral wars. and the soldiers and over zero hundred and 40 countries around the world. -- 140 countries around the
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world where we don't need to be. diplomacy based on respect for international law and human rights. [applause] i will restore our imperiled civil liberties repealing the un-american patriot act.
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it is not only the patriot act. it is also the national defense authorization act. and the anti-terrorism act which they protest and direct our police to find a non-violent center. -- to spy on non-viiolent dissenters. i will prohibit the department of common security from conspiring with local police to suppress our freedoms of assembly and speech. i will also work to legalize marijuana. [applause] and put it into a state regulatory framework. marijuana is a substance which
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is dangerous because it is illegal. it is not illegal because it is dangerous. [applause] finally i will in the bipartisan war on immigrants. i will stand up against discriminatory republican malls like the remanent -- laws like the remnants of arizona.
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i will stand up to the racist demagoguery that wrongly blames immigrants for the unemployment brought on by wall street's the use of the economy. -- abuse of the economy. communitiesbama's program. it has deported over 1 million immigrants, heartlessly as butting families and taking thousands of children away from their parents. this issue also gets my blood boiling. with that track record, at the obama white house has been the most nine anti immigrant administration in a century.
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it is true obama it did a pre- election for things last month and a temporary work permit to a limited number of immigrant use. this group will face deportation at age 30. it is not a solution. i well issue an executive order to end of the deportations now. [applause] i will vigorously support
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passage of the dream act. i will work to provide a welcoming path to full equal citizenship for undocumented americans who are vital members of our economy and our community. i will work to replace the corporate so-called free trade agreements which generate economic refugees in the first place. these will be replaced with fair trade agreements that respect workers in this country and latin america.
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we need these solutions. the public supports them by substantial majorities in poll after poll. why haven't we got and then? -- gotten them? there are big campaigns that have been waged over the past decade. they have been telling us to just be quiet and voter your fears. silence is not an effective political strategy. in fact, the politics of fear has brought us everything we were afraid of.
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what democracy needs is not fear and silence but voices and values. it is time to answer the politics of fear with the politics of courage. as those radicals did when they took on the british east and dumped the tea in the harbor and declared themselves free, like the abolitionist did. women suffragists did with the women's party.
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in each of these cases independent politics was critical to formulate the political demands with frederick jervis said so famously. -- frederick douglass said so famously. it is essential because power concedes nothing without a demand. and never did. it never will. by bringing this demand into the election, we can advance democracy and justice and drive the solutions into the political agenda. the history of politics is
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killed was social movements of live with political parties that made history together. abolishing slavery, the right to form unions, child labor laws, safe workplaces, social security, the new deal and more. it is understanding our political voice encourage. the royal aspirations of the american people can no longer be denied. it'll have a base from which we can build and dry for those critical solutions.
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wall street politicians have kept them off the table. we are the only vehicle in this election. [applause] we will get people a choice and a voice in the voting booth and allow them to go to the polls and greed for the green new deal and the reforms that will improve our lives. i ask for something much more. help us raise money. help former new green party areas all over the country. help support our local candidates.
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insure the voice of principled opposition will be heard now and into the future. stand up and push forward with this campaign. we signal to the world that we the people have taken the stage once more indian knighted states. -- once more in the united states of america. we will create an unstoppable movement. we will not rest until we have turned it the white house into a green house.
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we will take back the promise of our democracy and the peaceful future we desert. thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012]
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>> earlier this month, the report -- the reform party selected its nominees in philadelphia. andre barnett will serve as the presidential nominee. their comments are 10 minutes. >> i humbly and with great honor accept your party's nomination for presidential candidate. i realize that many of you are taking a chance on someone that you did not know for very long. i feel like -- i hope it was an educated decision that he made. that is one of the reasons i truly believe the reform party is going to grow immensely and
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work very well. discussion and communication are key in any growing process. i believe that through this particular process we have going here, we are actually creating a model, and we are showing ourselves to be true to what america needs and what they want out of leadership. you are a wonderful opponent here in our debate yesterday. i respected everything you said. mr. cross, you were incredibl candidate and i am proud to have you as the vice president on my side. i would say this also. there is a lot that drew me to this party, as i said before. right now, more than ever, as i looked out at the people who are here that took part in this process, i am even more proud.
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i am seeing in the vast span of americans, young, old, and i am sure there are some that our executives, rich or poor. i see the people that are here in everyday life. the ones that are actually affected, not the upper echelon. i am talking about the people that -- i promise you, without the shadow of doubt, i will do everything and i can to the best of my ability to represent the ideals and beliefs of this organization. the reform party by its name encompasses an embodies exactly what america is looking for, reform. we need to get it back to a simpler form of government. a similar form of economics. it is not over complicated. i greatly appreciate your faith
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in me, and i will reach out to each and every individual who has any issues or problems with my stances. i want to work with you, and i want you to work with me in return. that is the only way that it works for everyone. if it is unilateral decision, as we have seen come upon it is going to end in this crash -- in destruction and failure. that is not what this party is about. this is about success. this is about a better future. something where we can leave something better for our children. where they have more than what we have. something more can strive to do better in every aspect, in every scenario, work can actually project a real image of democracy and around the world. not these pseudo democracy that we have now prefer can actually
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make decisions in congress, within our government, and get things done. it is not going to be a do nothing government or if they do nothing america. it will not be an america where people look at us and whisper behind our backs about what we think we are or what we used to be. they are going to look at us as what we are now and how far we are going to go into the future. the reform party is the greatest party that there is right now. we have nowhere to go but up. we are growing. we will be the voice of the middle class. we will be the voice of all america. as i said before, i am not a proponent of the 1% or the 99%. it is 100% of everyone in america. i will not focus on social
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issues, because that is not what we need. that belongs outside of politics. i am going to focus on our economy, on the defense of this country, and on making are americans better educated, to make those educated decisions that we need made every single day. i will intensify my focus on bringing jobs back to america. people that are struggling every day, grinding their hands to the bones, trying to get money that the need to take care of their children and their families, they don't have time to do the research needed. we need people that are going to be effectively integrating themselves into this process. this democratic process that we have, this great american process that we have. that is what sets us apart from all the other countries.
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it is what sets this apart from the communist countries, from those that would be considered religious, fanatical countries. we are america. we are great. we are wonderful. we are proud. i think the reform party is a microcosm of america. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you so much, andrea. i would like to give the opportunity to mr. cross as are vice-presidential nominee. >> i am greatly honored to be nominated by the reform party or
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vice-president of the united states. i look forward to working with mr. barnett and supporting him and his efforts to help make -- to restore america to its position of strength and respect in the world that we are to bien, that we have dropped from the two-party system. we need a better way than we are doing things now. right now, even campaign that is going on at the presidential level is largely personal attacks and slurs, very little substance. reminds me of that commercial years ago, where's the beef? there is very little detail provided and very little focus on exactly what they are going to do, how they are going to turn around the problems that we have now. i am sure that mr. barnett and i will spend considerable time
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looking at options that we can set forth before the people to provide alternatives to what we have and solutions to our problems. we need a government that really is of the people, by the people, and for the people. we have gotten away from that. i am a citizen candidate, not an eloquent speaker. i love my country. the original founders of this country were not politicians. they were citizen candidates. they were generals, farmers, scientists, all sorts of walks of life that stepped forward to help serve their country. we need that sort of attitude and we need to present that attitude before the people so that they understand that there is a better way.
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there is a chance to have a better way through the reform party than giving up hope. largely the american people, and i talk to them personally. any different alliance in the checkout counter. they all feel the same way, there is nothing they can do, there is no hope. everything is out of control. the parties are so polarized that nothing can be done and we just have to go forward and see what happens. that is a pathetic situation to be in, and we can do better than what we have with the republicans and democrats. i look forward to assisting mr. barnett with his strategies and approaches and providing my opinions. i believe that together, we can
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help to make a path for a better, stronger america for ourselves and our posterity. [applause] >> as we hear from third-party candidates tonight, we have a question up on our facebook page. you can lay an with your opinions. david says ron paul has my vote. the outside parties were much stronger this cycle. i hope that continues. i hope the party's roh very afraid. jo hunter posted, i am voting for gary johnson as he is the only one running who has governed in the past as a fiscal conservative, instead of just promising to do so now if he is elected.
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our countdown to the conventions continues until our gavel-to- gavel coverage of the republican convention, starting monday at 2:00 p.m., and the democratic convention starting september 4. every speech live on c-span, c- span radio, an online at c- new jersey governor chris christie on tuesday. thursday night, presidential nominee mitt romney. use our online convention hub to watch web exclusive video feeds, create and share video clips, commons, and connect with other viewers. >> republican congressman and
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misery u.s. senate and it taught a again reaffirmed his intention to stay in the race -- kin.ressman aitke this news conference was held in the st. louis suburb of chesterfield. >> good afternoon, and welcome here. mr. akin will give some brief comments, and then we will follow that up with five questions. >> good afternoon, and thank you
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all for coming out. apparently, there are some people who are having trouble understanding our message. i would like to be clear on that today. we are going to be here. the november elections and we will be here to win. there may be some negotiations, but they don't include meat. me.hey don't include we have before us a choice of two americas. the america i represent is an america that has more freedom and more jobs, and america with less bureaucracy, big government, less taxes, and a bright hope for the future. the america that clare mccaskill has given us is an america that has less freedom, less jobs, more big government, more taxes
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, and the same stalled economy that we have observed for the last three plus years. thank you all so much pitcairn >> how much have agonized over the decision and what did take for you to come to this conclusion? >> as i talked about during our election, we try to work on the idea of principles. things to be that over 15 plus months, eight of us traveled all over the state. we had almost endless lincoln day dinners, barbecues, debates, and we were outspent in the media but a significant number of times. when everything ended, we were six points ahead. that was an election, and i was the nominee.
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[unintelligible] >> we try to justic with what is the right thing to do. that is pretty much swept we have looked at it. we have been busy. >> how do you characterize the pressure and large number of republicans from multiple points of view within the party asking you to step aside? is it a set up? are they trying to take this up for some other reason? is there a conspiracy? >> one of the things i have realized of the years, i may not be the favored candidate of some people within the republican establishment, but the voters made a decision, and this is an election, not a selection. >> what do you think your candidacy says two other
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candidates who might be under pressure in either party to step down. you have come under the most intense scrutiny i have ever seen. >> it is pretty much back to that same point. i think that what we have to do is look in our own hearts and stand up for what the principle is, not the politics. i believe that maybe america has gotten into trouble because we paid too much attention to politics and not enough attention to principles. >> is there anyone or anything that could make you change your mind? there are some threats that have been directed at your family. is there anyone or anything that can make you change your mind? >> if clare mccaskill would withdraw and give the election to me, that might be a
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consideration. part of your question of the idea of threats. i am not allowed to talk at length about those, but there have been threats of both my life -- the fbi is looking into those things and the house rules do not allow us to discuss them. >> last question. >> can you run a normal campaign after this? will you be making campaign appearances? >> if you think about it a little bit, 15 months ago, the party was not supporting me. and we would now and that our commitment to the citizens of the state of missouri. we took our message to them and we tried to give them a vision of hope. america can be a nation where
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there is more hope. we will campaign the same as we have in the past. >> thank you very much. if you have other questions, you can direct those to the campaign. we appreciate your coming here today. >> beginning monday, watch coverage of the republican and democratic conventions, live here on c-span. your front row seat to the conventions. next time your calls and comments on "washington journal ." then an naacp forum on the obama administration. then from 2008, the vice- presidential nomination
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acceptance speech of sarah palin. >> i think our jobs not to ask gotcha questions. >> on juliet:became bloomberg's white house correspondent in 2009. -- julianna goldman. >> i am not looking to catch -- when jay carney does a press briefing, i am not looking to catch him and "that is not what he said the other day." it is just trying to get information to inform people with. >> that is sunday on "q&a". >> this morning josh rogin.


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